wis·dom  [wiz-duhm] (noun) --  the ability to employ knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight in reaching a just judgment; sagacity, discernment, or insight.


Charles Dick is an Arbitrator with the JAMS Resolution Center in San Diego, and he serves as an individual arbitrator or member of multi-arbitrator panels in complex commercial matters, securities and investment disputes, professional liability cases, product liability issues, and other business-related controversies. With more than 25 year’s experience in domestic arbitration, Mr. Dick also has been trained by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators for international commercial arbitration proceedings. He has successfully represented parties in high-stakes contract and securities arbitration proceedings, and he has adjudicated multi-million dollar commercial disputes. He is attentive to detail, and he brings understanding to the preparation of well-reasoned arbitration decisions. While desirous of assisting parties in streamlining proceedings, he is considerate of counsels’ preferences and believes arbitration works best when the parties have confidence in procedures they have designed. He makes it a practice to apply and follow the applicable law.

Representative arbitration cases include:

  • Interpreting complex contract documents memorializing a multi-year pharmacy benefits management agreement.
  • Assessing parties’ rights and obligations as second and third-tier successors-in-interest to marketing and manufacturing contracts.
  • Evaluating parties’ intentions and representations in “deal documents” for corporate merger and acquisition transactions that have gone awry.
  • Resolving contract disputes arising from inconsistencies in transactional documentation.
  • Determining issues of professional liability in investment disputes.
  • Analyzing complex damages evidence in contract disputes presenting lost profits, special damages issues, and the need for equitable remedies.
  • Issuing provisional remedies during the pendency of arbitration proceedings.
  • Drafting enforceable arbitral awards and litigating enforceability issues.